Privacy Policy

For your security, Crédit Agricole Egypt website utilizes advanced technologies for protecting your data and transactions over the Internet. Any application or enrollment forms on the web site use the HTTPS and lock icon on CAE link address to transfer your information across the Internet in a highly secure manner.

Crédit Agricole Egypt maintains physical, electronic and procedural safeguards mechanism that comply with the Central Bank of Egypt guidelines guarding your personal information against unauthorized access or use. Our employees are subject to a corporate code of ethics and other policies that require maintaining the confidentiality and integrity of customer information.

Crédit Agricole Egypt will continue enhancing and maintaining prudent security standards and procedures protecting against cyber-attacks. These security procedures also protect former and prospective customers who have applied for an account or service for as long as the information is retained.

Crédit Agricole Egypt employees will not contact you by phone or any other means of communication like email, letters, ..etc  to ask about any personal or banking information. The only ways to contacting the bank is to visit the branch, call 19191 , or using official web page (

For more security information, please visit our guide here