Cash Back – Enjoy 5% Cash back from your purchases worth


Enjoy 5% Cash back from your purchases worth

Enjoy 5% cashback on all your purchases and save up to EGP 1,300 with many other features!

With Credit Agricole Credit Card, buy whatever you wish for and get a refund along with enjoying many other benefits.

  1. No Issuance Fees
  2. Save on renewal fees when you buy more
  3. A Premium Rewards program: Rewards Box, you will collect points with every purchase
  4. Your Credit Card Balance can be transferred from other banks to your Credit Agricole Credit Card and rest your mind from interest for the first 3 months
  5. No SMS Alert Service fees during the first year
  6. You can enjoy Cash back on your card starting from the date of issuance for 12 months
  7. 5% cash back up to EGP1,000 for Gold & Platinum Card worth of local purchases
  8. Offer is valid to new customer and require applying through our website
  9. Offered to Individuals only


**All terms and conditions apply**

**Highest level of security is applied to secure all your personal information **